Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see any images on the web page or within the training modules?
You may not have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player downloaded. Click here to download. Note: we suggest that you do not download the free Google Toolbar option.
I can see everything on my screen but why do I have no sound?
This can be for several reasons. Make sure your computer volume is set to a reasonable level and that you do not have the mute button activated. If you are using external speakers with your computer, make sure that they are turned on and connected to the computer and a power source.
I cannot see all of the web page on my screen, can this be fixed?
You may have your screen resolution turned to low, go to your computer display (My Computer > Display on Windows) and adjust the screen resolution larger than 800 x 600.
How do I view a summary of my quiz scores?
You can monitor your individual performance by clicking on the “Profile” button at the bottom of the homepage.
I lost my internet connection while I was in the middle of a training module. Do I need to start over from the beginning?
Simply log on to the same training module and use the ‘Index’ button to navigate to where you left off. If you were in the middle of the quiz, you will have to start it again from question #1.
I completed a training module but it does not show completed status within my profile, why?
To complete a training module you must also complete the quiz and submit your score. If you have done this correctly and your score does not appear, please use the form on this page to report your issue so that we can provide further assistance.

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